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About Us

Our Story

Parrotag started as MENATS Limited, back in 2010, where we gave creative support to various agencies in the region, more specifically Qatar. We have since created countless concepts, large scale marketing and advertising campaigns, and assisted over 100 companies in telling their stories.

We operate in multiple industries, and more specifically in the F&B sector, where we have made our mark by creating over 20 ingenuous concepts.

Today, we operate exclusively from the promising state of Qatar – with a full production house in Lebanon – a shift that allows us to better serve the market directly.

Our name change is in part due to a case of stolen identity, but more importantly, it is a reflection of where we are today as we make our own footprints in the creative domain.

We are devoted to our goals

We would rather fail in originality than to imitate; that is why our advertising never stopped improving. We think of things before you know you need them and work tirelessly on selling the problem you solve. Simply put, we are here to make sure you succeed.

Super Efficient

Never lose time or Money.

Deeply Committed

We deliver what we promise & more.

Highly Skilled

Get the support from the experts.